Friday, December 30, 2011

Project: Love, Me - THE END!

Yesterday I scrapped my very LAST layout for Project: Love, Me. It feels so good to say that! It feels so good to have done a year-long project like this and actually stay on top of it. It wasn't always easy to complete all four prompts each month - and some months I didn't get them all done, but I caught up later, and now I can say it is finished! I spent some time going through my folder of finished layouts and I really love the collection I've created and can't wait to see all the pages together in an album.

Here are the final pages for December (created with the iRejoice kit), plus one more for a prompt in April that I skipped and finally finished this week. (That layout was created with the iLive bundle.)

I was also really excited to find out that Project: Love, Me will be continuing in 2012 and it's been revamped into a class format with some exciting changes! If you are interested check out the Project: Love, Me blog. I highly recommend this projcet to anyone - yes, even non-scrapbookers - as it is an amazing way to record and share your personal story.


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