Friday, April 18, 2008


On a lot of my recent layouts I've been adding a little white border to my pictures. I'm really liking this effect lately. In Photoshop this is called "stroking". It's basically an outline in whatever color and size you want on any of your layers, be they photos, embellishments, or text.

1. First crop your photo and size it how you want it on your page. Make sure you have your photo selected in your layers palette, then go Edit>Stroke (Outline) Selection.

2. From the window that pops open set your pixels to 30. (That's the number I like.)

3. Click on the color box and set it to white if it isn't already. Or pick a different color - whatever you want!

4. Click ok.

Like I said, stroking can also add a cool effect to text or an embellishment. It can make a flat embellishment look like a sticker. Try it!

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