Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sgt Peppers Tribute

Last summer I went to a concert that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". I wanted to create a layout using these photos that reflected the mood and the style of the album and the psychedelic era of the sixties. I think when scrapbooking it's always important to try to tell the story using pictures, words AND art... all of these should be in line and combine to get the story across. I chose papers and elements and used techniques I felt reflected the emotion and feeling of this event.

The specific technique I used was the "linear light" blending mode. The plumes I used (found free here) were simple black and white brushes, so I used my paint bucket tool to fill them in with color. Then I changed the mode of each of those layers from "normal" to "linear light" (the small drop down menu found at the top of your layers palette).

I also used the "linear light" blending mode on the hand stamped alpha (also free, here). After completing the lettering, I made a duplicate layer, and set it to "linear light". The original layer I kept set to normal.

{paper from "Love-ly" kit by Leora Sanford, flourishes from "Hipster Plumes Freebie" by Anna Aspnes, wordart tag from "Good Times" kit by Jackie Eckles, alpha from "hand-stamped alpha" by Michelle Coleman}

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