Friday, December 30, 2011

December Layouts

A few pages I've created this month:

{papers & elements from 100 things kit by Lauren Reid; Skimpy Skamp alpha by Lauren Reid; Pea Snow, Aresenale White, and Rockwell fonts}

{everything from Singin' in the Rain kit by Jenna Desai and Jacque Larsen; Pea Hayley Jo font}

{Sparkly Holiday by Jenna Desai; Holiday Frames & Wordart by Jenna Desai; Holiday Essentials by Jenna Desai; Christmas Waltz Alphabet by Rachel Young; Christmas Waltz Papers by Rachel Young; BeautifulEveryTime font}

{created with Hope collab by the Lilypad designers; Free Spirit alpha by CD Muckosky; template by Amy Martin; Spicy Sushi Roll alpha}

{created with Crazy Love kit by WM[Squared] Designs; wm2_wendy messy font by WM[Squared] Designs; template by Nanie's Designs}

{everything from the Everyday Project Bundle by Dunia Designs and Studio Basic; Arsenale White and Jenna Sue fonts}

{created with Christmas Wishes Bundle by WM[Squared] Designs; The Sidekick Kid font}

{template from Be Inspired - KimR - Vol. 3 by WM[Squared] Designs; Autumn Whispers bundle by WM[Squared] Designs; Lauren Script and Nothing You Could Say font}


Project: Love, Me - THE END!

Yesterday I scrapped my very LAST layout for Project: Love, Me. It feels so good to say that! It feels so good to have done a year-long project like this and actually stay on top of it. It wasn't always easy to complete all four prompts each month - and some months I didn't get them all done, but I caught up later, and now I can say it is finished! I spent some time going through my folder of finished layouts and I really love the collection I've created and can't wait to see all the pages together in an album.

Here are the final pages for December (created with the iRejoice kit), plus one more for a prompt in April that I skipped and finally finished this week. (That layout was created with the iLive bundle.)

I was also really excited to find out that Project: Love, Me will be continuing in 2012 and it's been revamped into a class format with some exciting changes! If you are interested check out the Project: Love, Me blog. I highly recommend this projcet to anyone - yes, even non-scrapbookers - as it is an amazing way to record and share your personal story.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Capture Your Holidays

I'm taking an online photo class called Capture Your Holidays by Katrina Kennedy at Get It Scrapped. I've taken another class from Katrina and would highly recommend her photography classes, she's great. This class just started yesterday and the first lesson was about photographing lights to get a bokeh effect and a starburst effect. I had a lot of fun playing around with this and thought I'd share some of my results here.

Just lights:

Our elf, Fritz, with bokeh. Pretty magical, huh?

Here's the starburst effect. This look is achieved by leaving the shutter open for a long time so you have to have a steady surface or a tripod to eliminate movement. I don't have a tripod, so I had to settle for the angle I could get from my coffee table. I would love to play around with this more and get a closer shot with a different angle.

And one more bokeh, with my son in there too. I really like the look of the colored lights - we found these on a tree in the waiting area of a restaurant we were at this morning.

Have you ever tried shooting bokeh? I love the look, and it was a lot easier to achieve than I expected. I'm hoping I can keep up with all the lessons over the next two weeks, and get some really good holiday photos to scrap!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Curious Girl

Dunia Designs is retiring a few of her older kits, but before they are gone you can grab them for just $2 each:

I made this layout with the fun Come As You Are kit:

{paper & elements from Come As You Are kit by Dunia Designs; photo mask by Jenn Lindsay (no longer available); Pea Hayley Jo font}

I haven't had a chance to create with any of the other kits, but hopefully I will before they are gone!