Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tractors & Trucks

As soon as I saw this kit on DSM's "Oh Boy!" CD, I knew I had to do this page. It's taken me a few months, but I finally got around to it! The jounaling reads:

"You have always love tractors and trucks - the bigger the better. I remember when you were just starting to talk and I would go into your room in the morning to get you out of your crib. You would look up at me, smile, and say, "tractor". You did this several times, it was so cute. From the time you could hold a toy, and even now, a truck, tractor, or some type of building machine is usually your toy of choice. You have several books you love on the subject - because of you Dad and I have learned a backhoe from an excavator, a bulldozer from a loader!"

{everything from Digital Scrapbook Memories "Tool Time" kit on the "Oh Boy!" CD, "Pea Breathe Easy" font}

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jor said...

Did you do anything to the pictures you took of Zach and the trucks? They look really cool...like a slight sepia or something.