Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Life

I know, I said I probably wasn't going to do it.... well, that I wasn't going to commit at least. But six weeks in and I am loving doing my own version of Project Life.

For me, that just means that I scrapbook a two page spread once a week with photos and journaling about the week, with minimal embellishments. So far I've just been using supplies I already have.

Here's what my week six page looks like:

{created with Blossom Hill Road kit by HGD by Laurie Ann; template by Amy Jaz designs; Typewriter font}

A few things that are making this project doable for me:
1. Simple templates. I love the simple blocked design and how quick it is to just drop photos in.
2. My phone. A lot of the pictures I use are are taken with my phone, which has a pretty decent camera. I use dropbox to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop in order to use them in my layout.
3. Sunday. I set aside some time on Sunday afternoons (or evenings) for doing this so it's become just part of my routine.

What I love the most about this is that I'm capturing and recording so many little tidbits... things that wouldn't warrant an entire scrapbook page, but things I want included in our family's story. I love that I finally have an organized way to record and document big and little moments of our lives.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Free} Font Round Up

It's been a long while since I've done a post about some of my favorite {free} fonts. And who doesn't need more fonts? Here are a bunch I've been enjoying since my last font post. You'll see the preview with links below for you to grab them yourself.

5th Grade Cursive
all hail julia
arsenale white
Beautiful Every Time

Callie Hand

green piloww
Halo Handletter
Irish Spaghetti
Joy Like Sunshine Through My Windowpane

Just Realize
Just Another Font
KG Luck of the Irish
Mesh Stitch
Miserably Lose

Love me some Miss Tiina fonts!
MTF Base
MTF Base Outline
MTF Cool Kid
MTF dear santa - (Christmas doodles expressed using upper case letters)
MTF Hello Again

MTF Hoo Rah
MTF Skinny Jeans
Nothing You Could Say
Pea Amie
Pea Sassy Lucy

Pea Shelley Belley
Pea Snoflake & Pea Snoflake Doodles (includes days of the week, months, a few other written sentiments and doodles)
Pea Sugar Noodles
Roskrift Clean
Second Lyrics

stacyj_hand - (just click on the link that says Stacy's font and it'll start downloading)
The Only Exception
vtks personal

That last font was made by the fabulous Wendy of WM[Squared] designs. She recently started creating handwriting fonts and you can find more in her Scrap Orchard store, plus you can even purchase a custom font service and have your own handwriting turned into a font. So cool!