Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Any Given Day

Kelly Mickus has a new kit out, it's a collaboration with Creashens (another designer) called "Any Given Day". I love it, it's so soft and pretty... I love kits like this but often have a hard time scrapbooking with them since my subjects are usually my two little boys. So instead I chose a picture of my husband and I. I love how it turned out!

{everything from "Any Given Day" collab kit by Kelley Mickus and Creashens; "Pea Hannah Vanilla" font}



Landon and Mandi said...

As always it looks great. I just wanted to pass on some info to you. I just had a book done by Shutterfly. And it was so great!! Their pages and covers are a lot nicer than viovio. But Shutterfly is quite a bit more. I also tried an 8x8 I thought they would be too small but I really liked the size and I think you told me you usually print that size!! Well thanks so much for your help.

Kelly's Korner said...