Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Week in the Life : THE ALBUM

Well hello there...

I haven't updated in a while or blogged about this project yet, but I'm pleased to say I did it! And even more pleased to say that I finally compiled the photos and words into a completed album. Just last night I uploaded the pages and ordered my photobook from Shutterfly.

Here's a look at a couple of the pages:

This is pretty much what the spread for each day of the week looks like, just with different photos, and more or less words.

A few thoughts about this project:

1. I really like how the focus is entirely on the photos and words. As I was trying to decide how to put the album together, I ultimately decided I liked the clean look of a white background with no digital papers or embellishments. I really like how the photos take center stage. Also, the simplicity of the design meant it came together more quickly that it otherwise might have.

2. Taking photos and recording all the details of a day can be quite exhausting. The first couple of days I started off strong, but by the last few it started to feel more like work. It definitely shows... I had less photos to choose from and much fewer words to work with for the latter days of the week. I'm totally ok with it though... something is better than nothing. And I really like having the full week to capture as much of our routine as possible.

3. The idea of this project is to capture the mundane, daily routines that make up our lives, but in fact the last three days of this week were anything but. We were traveling those days and spent time in a new city. This may also be why I didn't get as many photos or words for those days... but I'm ok with this as well. I chose to go ahead with the project because I knew if I didn't just do it like I had planned, I might not ever get around to it. I actually like the mix of the first half of the week being very ordinary, and the last half being a fairly good documentation of our trip.

4. I LOVE this project. I can safely say this is probably my most favorite album I've ever done, this and the Week in the Life album I put together back in 2008. There is something so satisfying to me about capturing all the little details and having them all in one place. In looking back at my 2008 album, I'm always struck by how much life changes, even just a few months from now our routine will look very different. There are so many little things I would never remember if it weren't for this project.

You can find out more about A Week in the Life at Ali Edward's site.


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