Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Back (sort of...)

So in case you were wondering whether or not I fell of the face of the Earth... well, yeah. At least the scrapbooking end of it. Moving has thrown a pretty big wrench into things, and it looks like that ordeal won't be over until late next week. Also having family in town for the graduation festivites slowed me up a bit (scrapbooking-wise).

For now, I leave you with the fun news that I won a challenge! Remember this page? You can click over to the Little Dreamer Designs Blog to see it featured. So that's fun!

I also have another post in the works about a fun little hybird project I did, so if I ever get to finishing writing about it I'll get that up too.

Plus I have been working on another fun little project, that I'll announce later as I don't yet know if it will pan out...

So more is coming (someday) - I promise! It has too, before I go competely crazy without access to my desktop & photoshop!


Shelly said...

I was just wondering where you print your pages. Do you do them photo or on paper? I've done costco before, but just thought I would try paper out...but don't know where.

Lynnette said...

I like to print my pages 8x8. I have used both photo paper and white cardstock,and I actually like the look of white cardstock better, although I bet you could use a photo paper with a matte finish. I don't print at home, but if you have a nice printer that works great. I usually go to my local Staples and they will do it for about $1 per page. They actually print it on 8.5x11 paper and I cut them out. If you are going to print 12x12 pages you will have to find a photo lab that can do it that big - I know some who like Costco or Sams Club for that. Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions!