Monday, March 3, 2008

Ordinary Life Album

I love Jessica Sprague. She comes up with the most practical ideas and I am always learning new things - just from her blog! Imagine what I'd learn if I were ever lucky enough to take one of her photoshop classes. Anyway, this is my newest favorite thing she's done: an album called "A Year in Our Ordinary Life." She took two pages for each month, came up with a simple design, and made it into a free, downloadable template for all to enjoy! It's so great because I can now gather all those random, everyday pictures that usually never get printed (and thereby rarely seen or enjoyed again) - and put them together in a few short minutes! All I added was the white paper behind the photos, and I changed the colors of the text and frames. I cannot wait to see the finished product at the end of the year! If anyone's interested, here's a link to her blog post, and that will link you to the download.

It looks much cooler when the pages are side by side, but I couldn't post 'em that way. But you get the idea.

{template by Jessica Sprague, white paper by Leora Sanford}