Sunday, August 22, 2010

Butterfly Mobile

Guess what? I just had a baby :) Which is why I haven't been posting (or scrapbooking) as much. I now have a sweet baby girl named Violet, who I've been snuggling as much as possible. But before she arrived, I made this butterfly mobile to hang above her crib:

This was super easy to make, and of course I used photoshop and my stash of digital papers to do it. First off, I used the custom shape tool and selected two different butterfly shapes from the list of custom shapes. I used an 8.5x11 document to place my butterfly shapes like so:

Then I picked some of my favorite bright pattern papers, and "clipped" them to the butterflies using a clipping mask. I made sure to create two of each, so that I could glue them back to back. After printing and cutting the butterflies, I took two wooden skewers, some colorful ribbon, and glue to finish it.

What do you think? *sigh* I love photoshop! Like I said, this was so easy to do. Oh... and you can go here to see my inspiration for this project.



Kelly's Korner said...

Very pretty! Congrats on the baby girl!!

WhiteRacoon said...

Very cute and bright! =)