Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Hearts Grew

This little layout was created using one of my most favorite kits ever - "Maybell" by Audacious Designs at {we are} storytellers. I also have to give {we are} storytellers a shout out because the reason I got the kit in the first place is pretty cool. I posted this layout (using a different kit also available in their boutique) in their gallery, and shortly after I received and email from the owner of the site saying thanks for telling my story, and here's a little gift card to the boutique! I thought that was so cool, so, here I am plugging their site. They really do have great designers and products and I love their philosopy of keeping the focus of scrapbooking on storytelling. So anyway, that's the story behind the adorable kit that helped me create this layout!

{everything from "Maybell" by Audacious Designs; "Pea Sarah" and "Pea Sarah Cute" fonts}


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