Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chance of Rain + Drop Shadow Tip

I have so much to post about... namely all the fun stuff from the DSM retreat a few weekends ago. But life has been busy, so for now all you get is my latest layout for Kelly Mickus, using her new "Chance of Rain" kit.

{everything from Chance of Rain by Kelley Mickus; "Love Ya Like a Sister" font}

One thing I really love about this layout is how good the drop shadows look. I've been playing with drop shadows almost since I started digital scrapbooking years ago, trying to find the best settings to get that realistic look. At the DSM retreat the fabulous black-belt scrapper Barb Hogan (one of our instructors) suggested setting the angle of drop shadows to 40. (The default is 120 degrees... you can change it by just typing 40 in the box instead. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.) Genius! I've done it on all my layouts since and just love the results. I learned so many cool little tips and tricks like that at the retreat... like I said, I need to post more about it. Later, though!


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KD Designs said...

Very cute! I like the cloud raining hearts! :)