Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project Life 2014: week 52

This was Christmas week.  I had SO many photos! That can be a real scrapping block for me.  Of course, I could just do more pages, but in the interest of just getting my 2014 PL album DONE, I chose to limit the week to just one spread.  I can always go back and scrap more of my Christmas photos later, either in pocket or more traditional form.

So, how did I choose which photos to include?  First, I went though them all and picked out the ones I loved most. Then, I asked myself - which ones tell the story? I found I had several that, although beautiful and unique, all told the same story.  Baking and decorating cookies, for example. I had several photos of kids decorating, photos of cookies fresh from the oven, photos of decorated cookies on plates.  I simply chose ONE from that group to represent the story of baking cookies. I find this approach and the simple question of  "which photo best tells the story?" really helps me to quickly narrow down my options.  I did the same with sledding photos, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning photos, etc. In the end I fell like this is a great representation of our week and the stories are there.

For this spread I used the December subscription kit, Joyful, from Pixels and Comapny. It's no longer available via subscription, but you can find all the various products in the P&Co store.

created with Joyful mini kit and Joyful journal cards by Deena Rutter; Joyous kit and Joyous journal cards by Jen Allyson;Joyful mini kit and Joyful cards by Meredith Cardall; Be Joyful kit by Gennifer Bursett; Joyful kit by Celeste Knight; Not So Joyful kit by Shirley Polk; Bebas Neue and CK Jot fonts
Left side:

Right side:

Now, to just go back and fill in those missing three weeks, and 2014 will be done. Almost there!

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