Saturday, December 27, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 44 & January MPM

I'm reaching back and sharing an older week today - week 44. I've got week 47 done as well and will share that in another post. This week is a bit odd because it was Halloween week, but I chose to use the new Janurary Memory Pockets Monthly collection which has a fresh start/new year kind of theme.  But here's the deal: I had already placed the photos for the spread, and had just downloaded the new MPM which I was dying to play with, and realized that I could get this done quick if I just put the two together. It's not the most natural choice, and I didn't use a whole lot from the collection, but again, it's DONE. Another week documented, which in an of itself makes me really happy. And you can bet that I'll use this collection again on another weeks spread - it's gorgeous!

created with January Memory Pockets Monthly collection

Left side:

Right side:

Here's a peek at the MPM collection I used:

Also- I hope everyone had a very happy holiday! This year we created so many fun Christmas memories & photos, I'm hoping to get some of them scrapped very soon.

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