Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Life 2014: Weeks 1 & 2

After taking a year off, I can honestly say I'm THRILLED to be doing Project Life again in 2014.  I should specify, I'm not using the Project Life brand products but I am taking the concept of pocket-style pages and documenting life a week at a time. After 2012, I was totally burned out and somewhat dissatisfied with the project. I spent 2013 just watching a lot of other Project Life scrappers online - taking inspiration from their spreads, and reading/listening to/participating in various discussions about processes and products.  It really helped me to pinpoint what I love about it, and what I struggled with in 2012.  I feel like taking that step back was just what I needed and now I'm ready to tackle it in 2014!

My approach:  KEEP IT SIMPLE. The same template each week. Mostly journal cards, a few brushes, maybe a couple of other embellishments. Each spread will have a simple patterned card in the top left pocket with the week number.  I jot down things going on during the week in a notebook on my desk, and Sunday afternoons/evenings are reserved for uploading photos and putting the weekly spread together. I'm also thinking of using the same journaling font each week.  Two weeks in, and I'm really feeling good about this! (But we'll see how I'm feeling in two months... ;))

Week 1:  I must say I'm NOT super happy with how this turned out, BUT done is better than perfect. (Click to view larger)

created with
Run.Laugh.Play 4x6 cards by Stolen Moments;
LIfe 365 Stamp Sheet by Karla Dudley;
Everyday LIfe Templates Vol. 1 by Laura Passage

Week 2: I must say I LOVE how this spread turned out. (Click to view larger)

created with Everyday Life Templates Vol. 1 by Laura Passage;
This Year 2014 Brushes, This Year 2014 Journal Cards, This Year 2014 Add On Papers by Scotty Girl Design;
Pocket Journal Card Templates: Originals 3x4s by Simply Tiffany Studio;
Suzy Snowflake collab kit by Pixels and Company designers;
Wisdom Script and Just Realize fonts

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