Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gratitude Album

Remember my 30 Days of Gratitude project? I now have something tangible to show for it. I decided to go with a fun little badge album. A badge album is super easy - I just bought some of those clear name badge holders - you can get them at Walmart, or any office supply store - and then created my mini layouts the size that would fit in photoshop. (I made a similar album last April for my 30 Days of Photos.) All you need is just a little ribbon to tie it all together, and viola!

I have a few of these little mini-albums on a shelf in my living room. It's fun to browse through them every now and then.

I used all kinds of products from my digital stash for this. Most of it is stuff from one of my favorite designers, Leora Sanford. I really love this simple kraft alpha that I used for the numbers throughout, it really ties it all together.

And a look at the back:


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Patrick and Jennie said...

I love it Lynnette! What a great idea!