Saturday, November 2, 2013

P&Co Creative Team Blog Hop + a Quick Tip!

Hi there hoppers, & welcome to my blog! Did you pick up the gorgeous Piccadilly kit yet?! I've got a fun little frame cluster to go along with it that you can grab right here.

Time for a quick tip - when I was thinking out loud to my husband about what my tip would be he said, "Tell them to scrapbook about cute stuff. And to make it look interesting, people love interesting pages!" So, you'll be glad to know I stuck my tongue out at him and came up with something else.  I work in Photoshop Elements 10, though I'm pretty sure this works for all versions. When typing text on a layout, there are three options for aligning your text. (For my examples I'm using a cute journal card from the Piccadilly kit.)

Left Align:

Right Align:

and Center:

Although there are only three options in the PSE options bar, there is actually a secret fourth option - FULLY JUSTIFIED text.  
The keyboard shortcut for fully justified text is CTRL+SHIFT+J (or CMD+SHIFT+J for the Mac crowd).
This isn't something I feel the need to do often, but there are times when it's just the perfect touch or look I'm going for.

Now, this little journal card example probably isn't the illustration of how cool this can look, but I promise somtimes it's just the thing you need. Play around with it on your next page :) Happy hopping and HAPPY DSD!  Your next stop is Mary's blog.

Now here's a list of the Creative Team blog hop, so you don't get lost:

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Jennifer Flaherty said...

Great tip, Lynette! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Very cool shortcut. Thanks!

Patrick and Jennie said...

awesome tip Lynette. I didn't know that one! I will have to give it a go!

Anne Marie said...

Thanks for the extra freebie and the justification tip!

Marlene said...

Thanks for the great freebie!